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Pricing examples

The following list provides examples of typical projects that PlasmaSolve regularly engages in, including the anticipated delivery date and price range. As we establish ongoing partnerships and develop a deep understanding of our clients' equipment, we are often able to further reduce project turnaround times. Please note that, with the exception of our standard person-day fee, the prices listed are indicative only and subject to fluctuations based on specific process requirements or time constraints.

All of our projects are broken down into work packages, typically costing between 10-12 k€ and lasting 4-6 weeks. This approach allows for greater responsiveness and more efficient management of our collaborations. Additionally, we offer discounts in exchange for publicity, enabling our partners to showcase their successful projects on our website and other marketing materials.


3D coating distribution

Applications: Enlarge coating zone, design fixtures for improving uniformity on parts, optimize cathode placement

Inputs: coater layout, cathode voltage and power, gas flow rates

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4 - 8 weeks

12 - 25 k€

Coating distribution on complex parts

Applications: Predict uniformity of thickness and composition for any 3D part, adjust process settings to improve uniformity.

Inputs: Part geometry (STEP), information about the process (log), coater layout

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4 - 6 weeks

10 - 24 k€

Adjusting existing process to a new part

Applications: Predict modifications that need to be made when trying to coat a different part with the same material

Inputs: Coater layout, coater log, part geometries (STEP)

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10 - 15 weeks

12 - 25 k€

Novel PECVD or PVD process engineering

Applications: Reduce iterations and avoid design mistakes by employing simulation from the early days of the development.

Inputs: Coater geometry, driving fields, precursor flow rates, expected pressure

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24 - 48 weeks

50 - 80 k€

Standard consultancy fee

Applies to project extensions, e.g. re-calculating established model for different layout or to very non-standard projects.

Effort based

750 €/person-day


Gas distribution in vacuum systems

Applications: Design gas separation chambers, optimize reactive flow in PVD, improve uniformity distribution in PECVD

Inputs: system geometry, inlet and pump positions and settings

2 - 6 weeks

10 - 18 k€

Transferring a process to a different coater

Applications: Retrofit an existing process to a different coater, make sure that recipes keep working when a coater layout is changed

Inputs: Coater layout and typical log for both coaters, material characterization

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10 - 15 weeks

25 - 35 k€


Troubleshooting PVD/PECVD process reproducibility

Applications: Improve process repeatability and reproducibility, identify what parameters the process is sensitive to, design improved control mechanisms.

Inputs: Coater information, process logs collected over time.

10 - 20 weeks

25 - 45 k€


Engineering of non-coating plasma sources

Applications: Ensure that the plasma process runs at maximum efficiency, gain physics insight.

Inputs: application (e.g. gas conversion, electric propulsion), driving voltage, operating pressure, gas composition and potentially other problem-specific inputs.

24 - 48 weeks

40 - 60 k€

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