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Our Team

The PlasmaSolve team brings together expertise from diverse fields, spanning plasma physics and chemistry, materials engineering, cloud computing, big data analysis, and machine learning. This multidisciplinary approach enables us to respond to the specific needs of each team we work with, delivering tailored solutions that are both innovative and effective.


At PlasmaSolve, we understand the importance of discretion. We never disclose our clients' names or projects, unless explicitly authorized to do so. Our commitment to confidentiality remains steadfast, no matter how many Czech lagers we may have shared!

We like to think about the PlasmaSolve office as a friendly and stimulating environment which fosters creativity and collaboration and inspires innovative ideas for plasma technologies and their applications in PVD, PECVD and ion sources.



CEO, head of consulting, co-founder

As the founder and manager of PlasmaSolve, Adam has successfully led the company since 2020. Prior to that, he gained valuable experience in the field of magnetron sputtering PVD during his 4-year stint as an independent consultant. He also holds a PhD and has a history of developing plasma-based processes for high-volume nanomaterial growth. Throughout his career, Adam has held a series of technical and research positions in various locations across the EU and US before returning to his hometown of Brno to launch his own project called PlasmaSolve. Adam now leaves all the simulation work in the skilled hands of his teammates but he closely monitors and oversees all consultancy projects.



Head of software, co-founder

Petr's expertise lies in scientific and simulation software development, making him an invaluable part of the PlasmaSolve team. As a senior software developer, he has spearheaded the development of our MatSight simulation software, which you can deploy on-premise. With experience working for international technology corporations and a machine learning startup, Petr was the first to pitch the idea of PlasmaSolve and later brought it to fruition. You'll have the opportunity to work with Petr and witness his expertise firsthand especially if your project requires one of our newer simulation tools or if you are purchasing software from us.



Senior simulation engineer

Martin is an indispensable member of the PlasmaSolve team when it comes to tackling complex and challenging problems involving large-scale setups and diverse device geometries. With his expertise in CAD and simulation, Martin can quickly and accurately de-feature any assembly you throw at him, ensuring that it is ready for simulation in just a matter of days or even hours. Moreover, he is an expert in handling numerically unstable multiphysics models that involve plasma, heat, and flow, making him the go-to person for resolving any convergence-related issue we might encounter.



Senior plasma process engineer

Kryštof is a skilled physicist with a broad knowledge of plasma fundamentals and plasma chemistries. He is an expert in setting up models for reactive sputtering and plasma-chemical applications and uses these models to optimize process efficiency and favor desired reaction pathways. Kryštof is dedicated to his work and always willing to lend a hand with a smile on his face. However, when the number of chemical reactions exceeds 2500, even he might need a moment to catch his breath!



Software developer

Andrej is a software developer who works on the MatSight software. He implements novel simulation solvers that are designed by the physicists on the team and ensures their practicality. Andrej is also experienced in handling big data operations, and he takes on consultancy projects where brand-new solvers are needed.



Junior plasma process engineer

Kristína is a process engineer with expertise in PECVD applications and their digital twins. This requires a deep understanding of plasma chemical kinetics and plasma-surface interactions. With her impeccable English and French language skills, she often represents PlasmaSolve at conferences and exhibitions.



Junior simulation engineer

Marek is a skilled simulation engineer with a particular expertise in low-pressure gas flow simulations. His experience also extends to space technologies and electric propulsion system design, making him a valuable asset to any project in those fields.

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HR, back-office, admin

Veronika is the backbone of PlasmaSolve, handling everything from office management to HR and administration. Her role is crucial in ensuring the smooth running of the team and ensuring that all paperwork is completed and submitted on time. As a customer of PlasmaSolve, you can rely on Veronika to keep you updated on your orders and invoices, and she'll be your point of contact for any administrative queries.

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